Frequently asked questions

Nomi’s answer for home safety is unlike any other out there. We’re ready to help you understand the difference, and the advantages. If these don’t fully answer your questions, feel free to write to us at or call 844 4-SECORA (473-2672).


How is Nomi different from other home safety systems?
Nomi presents a whole new way to ensure your safety at home, overcoming the limitations of traditional systems, like old fashioned medical help buttons (also called Personal Emergency Response Systems or PERS).

First, Nomi provides proactive information about changes in behavior that can lead to health problems. This knowledge about daily patterns and changes in them can be invaluable for maintaining a safe and healthy independent life at home

Second, you don’t need to wear a button. Research shows wearing the pendant or wristband is a nuisance to some people, and others sometimes forget to wear them—and they’re not helpful when they’re out of reach. By simply saying a key word, you are instantly connected to others. 

Third, Nomi detects many issues automatically, not just pushes of the help button. Through automatic alerts and easy to read reports, you can know more about urgent issues and longer-term trends anytime. 

Fourth, Nomi is easy to install, and once it’s running you can forget about it.

Finally, unlike traditional PERS buttons, you choose where the call goes—such as to a family member, friend, or neighbor. And, it’s easy to cancel false alarms, which can be a real problem with traditional PERS button systems.

But please note, Nomi is not an emergency response system. It does not diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat, or alleviate disease. 

How do I know if Nomi is right for me?
Nomi is for anyone living independently at home, who wants to keep track of their daily activity status, and who wants to be in easy contact with those closest to them when they need something. Especially if you are planning to stay at home as you age, you don’t need to wait for an emergency or a scare to take steps to make your life safer.

Who can help me if I have a problem with Nomi?
Secora stands by every Nomi system, and we want to make sure it’s working for you. In case of any problems with your Nomi, please write to us at write to us at or call 844 4-SECORA (473-2672).

Does Nomi work if I live with my husband / wife?
Nomi is designed for people living independently at home. Though the voice communications and alerts for emergencies like the smoke alarm, power loss, and running water will work, the valuable information about your daily health is not available when more than one person lives in the home.

Is Nomi hard to set up?
Not at all. We ship it to you ready to start. You simply plug in the base and the pods around your home, arrange them to make sure they sense and hear you correctly, and push a button to have the system confirm it’s working correctly. On the easy to use website you can set up where the alerts go and who you want to see your data.

What technology does Nomi use?
While Nomi appears simple, it uses a lot of patented technology. Nomi determines your activity levels by measuring the amount of thermal energy (heat) your body gives off. It uses sound recognition to sense the things that are happening in your house, and Voice Over IP (VOIP) to enable 2-way communications. The Nomi pods communicate to the base unit over encrypted WiFi, and the base communicates to the servers over an encrypted secure cellular connection.

Does Nomi work if I have a pet?
Yes, Nomi works with most pets.

Is Nomi secure? 
Yes. Nomi uses encrypted communications in all parts of the system. Furthermore, unlike some smart home devices that connect to the internet to do sound recognition, Nomi does all of this in the pods, so you never have to worry about people hacking your system to listen in to your home over the internet.

How does Nomi protect my privacy?
In addition to using secure, encrypted communications, the data the system gathers is available on the website only to those people you authorize. Additionally, Nomi does not record, analyze or transmit what it hears – it simply listens for the words “help” and “cancel” as well as non-human sounds like the smoke alarm.

Does Nomi use cameras? 
No. Nomi uses a combination of sound and motion sensors to detect potentially dangerous behavior changes and urgent incidents. Caregivers can check on patterns, but they don’t need to: they will get alerts when there is a problem. 

Who does Nomi call in case of an emergency?
Nomi will call whomever you configure it to – a family member, a friend, or emergency services.

Does Nomi require a telephone or internet connection?
No. Nomi uses its own cell phone connection, which is preconfigured in the system, and the cost of the connection is already built into your service fee.

Does Nomi work in case of power loss?
The base will work for up to 4 hours and alert your contacts that your power is off. However, the pods will not work as they require power.

What’s included in the Nomi system?
The base configuration include the base station, four pods (kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom), and the power cords. Depending on your home, you may need more or fewer pods, so we work with you to make sure you have what you need.

What is the total monthly cost of Nomi?
The base configuration costs $99 / month.

What does it cost to start with Nomi?
There is a $149 one-time setup fee.

Do you require a long term commitment to use Nomi?
No. When you don’t need Nomi, you simply return the sensors and base, and cancel your service. 

Is there a cancellation fee to quit using Nomi?
There is no cancellation fee to quit using Nomi.